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Monday, July 10, 2006

Another struggle to keep the faith

When the news broke out, it failed to generate any curiosity in non-believers like me. But after our newspapers and news channels, comfortable with the huge burden of social responsibility on their shoulders, dedicated expensive front-page space and prime airtime (with a panel of eminent personalities discussing the subject before, after and in-between short commercial breaks) for over a week, me too gave it my first thought. The news, which is not news anymore, is about the holy temple of Sabarimala in southern Kerala.

First came the astrologer. Then came the stars. It is an accepted practice to trust the astrologer about what the stars say. Hell broke lose as one star fax messaged an approval note of what the astrologer had already predicted. This tech-savvy star confessed about falling into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, and touching the feet of the deity. Then rose another star with a similar claim. According to the latter (and a few million other mortals, who have been to the temple), it is impossible to reach the feet of the deity by just falling down. And once the stars started talking about it to people less divine than an astrologer, it was sure a bad omen.

Now, the faithful feminists want the authorities to redefine the custom pertaining to the temple before the same is done to the country’s defence services. Minister for temple affairs in the LDF (a coalition of CPM, CPI and few other left wing parties) government gets emotional on camera and vows to keep the traditions and to fight against any progressive movement. An association of atheists decides to stage protests against the temple’s non-progressive attitude and clean the temple of its outdated traditions during next pilgrimage season. For the benefit of believers, of course. Meanwhile, the temple authorities have started an expensive purification ritual that would take another two years to complete for reinstating the power damaged by the star. I think there should be an immediate Lakshmi Pooja too. The weakened deity has now the power to weaken the revenues of the temple and every major temple on the pilgrimage route. At least, for the next couple of years.

Quite surprisingly, no one seems to be worried about what I care about. All I now hope for is the prasadam from the temple to remain as sweet and tasty as it was all those years, and my friends to keep the faith to do the pilgrimage. There would be moments in life even for non-believers, I am told many times, to have no other option but call the Almighty for help. I guess, now there would be one less moment for me in store. Ayyappa Saranam!

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At Sun Jul 23, 03:10:00 pm, Anonymous definitely_not_a_leftist said...

It is extremely amusing to see how non beleivers,atheists and self styled Progressives, who otherwise reject god, religion and temples, get emotional about the whole issue of preventing women into Sabarimala.

Is it not like asking the BCCI on what should be the rules of Football worldcup ?

What is the solution?

Neither the progressives, nor the atheists, Leftists or the pseudo intellectuals of LDF have any locus standi on the issue. Let the believers of Ayappa, men and women, together decide what is the solution. Not Some God hating, self styled idolator progressive lookin for some cheap publicity.


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